Bernd M. Schell is a Experienced Leader and decision maker. He is focused on Digitization and Digitalization in Idea Management and HR Online.

I manage projects & change in America, Asia and Europe: Over 20 years of finding creative, seemingly-impossible solutions, motivate others to be actively involved, and promote enthusiasm through the achievement of ambitious results.

As Global Project Manager I am the mastermind, concept developer, requester, interface between departments and people in 23 countries as well as the central IT and supplier - the complexity manager.

Analytical thinking and innovation
Creativity, originality & initiative
Complex problem-solving
In over 20 years of automotive, marketing, digital and online marketing experience I helped companies to get visible and relevant in target audiences.

Technology Design & Active learning
Critical thinking and analysis
I am working every day internationally and on site temporarily. This gives me many impressions, ideas, perspectives and allows me to think and make decisions in ways that differ from the norm.
Digitization manually processes and data, but also using Digitalization for rich output with new supporting systems.

Experience, Judgement & Decision making
Reasoning, problem-solving & ideation
Cognitive Intelligence
Achieved above-average results for years in Marketing and IT projects, even with highly sensitive projects on both stockholders and CEO level.

People say about me

Experienced leader and decision-maker, rebel, motivator, persuader and an outside-of-the-box thinker
Strong level of initiative and entrepreneurial thinking and acting, assertiveness, empathy and distinctive communication skills
High technological affinity
Excellent Global Project Management skills
Focus on targets & a “deliverer”

My current challenge

I’m working on a Global Idea Management Relaunch and I’m the Digitization / Digitalization / Online Personalization spearhead to support all global recruitment teams with innovate HR Online Services, Online Ideas and Online KPIs.

My motto: Don't talk. Decide and do! So let's get in contact on, or direct.